Artists, get paid.
And stay independent.

Tribe for Artists & Creators

Get funded by your fans

Cloud Rappers have been showing the world that there's no need for labels any more: just record a song at home and put it online. Yet, money for a studio and a producer can be pretty helpful to create glossy sound.

Artistic control, ownership and sustainability

Crowdfunding for artists: share revenues of your future works of art and get paid accordingly. Always keep control over your masterpieces.

Powered by smart contracts

Smart contracts guarantee secure transactions with unparalleled transparency from end to end, and predictable income streams you can count on. Tribe runs on blockchain technology: trustless, decentralized, and not controlled by a single entity.

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So you really knew them before they were cool?

Tribe for Fans

Directly support your favorite artists

Help artists create a record. Be listed as founding member and get rewarded when they break mainstream.

A deeper connection

Your Tribe profile shows all the acts you ever supported. A very personal list of songs and albums. Like an old fashioned record collection, your identity.

Start a movement, become a Tribe leader

Connect with other fans, discover new music and get the latest news and updates. You know the hottest Viennese Hip Hop tracks? Build a tribe that collects your favorite artists and meet like-minded users.

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Even your smallest contributions go a long way. Both ways.

Tribe for Investors

The big difference to other crowdfunding platforms

No goodies, no perks. Invest in an artist and in return get a share of the future profits.

A whole new asset class

For the first time, anyone can invest in and own part of a work of art. Diversify by investing in genres and sub-genres.


Think of TribeCoin as an index fund for all artists on our platform.

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